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Lourdes Leon is the new face of Stella McCartney Pop

Madonna's daughter Lourdes is the new face of Stella McCartney's Pop fragrance.

As the daughter of Madonna, Lourdes ‘Lola’ Leon has grown up in the spotlight.

But now the 19-year-old is stepping out of her mother’s famous shadow as the new face of Stella McCartney’s fragrance Pop. The fresh-faced and free-spirited college student was revealed as the fourth and final face of the fragrance on Stella McCartney’s Instagram.

Lourdes as been tapped along with other influential millennials including actress Amandla Stenberg, Canadian musician Grimes and model Kenya Kinski-Jones, who all represent the “Stella girl” – who embrace a more down-to-earth lifestyle and fresh-faced beauty in comparison to other Instagram stars.

“The Stella girl cares about specific issues and wants to use her disposable income to support causes that matter to her,” McCartney says.

The Pop campaign featuring Lourdes Lola Leaon, Grimes, Kenya KinskiJ and Amandla Stenberg.
The Pop campaign featuring (L-R) Lourdes ‘Lola’ Leon, Grimes, Kenya Kinski-Jones and Amandla Stenberg.


A yet-to-be-released campaign film by Melina Matsoukas follows the girls on a road trip representing the journey in their own young lives. The concept, centered on friendship, is meant as a departure from the typical fragrance film.

“Pop is a spirit,” said Stella McCartney in a statement. “It is about capturing and celebrating that very special and exciting time when you are finding yourself and coming into your own.

“It is about freedom, and starting your life away from judgments or labels.”

McCartney believes we should enhance natural beauty rather than covering it and Lourdes is the perfect fit for the role.

Words: Tashjian Barklie
Photos: Instagram


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