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Matilda Rice on body confidence, her beauty routine & balanced lifestyle

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You go, girl!

We all know Matilda Rice as season one’s winner of the Bachelor NZ, but she’s more than Art Green’s girlfriend. We caught up with the bright and beautiful Matooles (that’s her Instagram handle, FYI) to talk about her exciting new gig as the face of Jockey Underwear, how it felt to pose it her Jockeys and what advice she has for anyone struggling with their body image.
And in case you were wondering… no, she’s not 100% Paleo like Art.

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Miss FQ: Congratulations on being the face of Jockey! How does it feel?
Matilda: Thanks! Oh, it feels amazing now that I can actually talk about it, which is great. It’s just such a great brand that Kiwis love. They make great quality, comfortable stuff. It’s just really exciting to be a part of it.
I can’t ever imagine posing in my underwear! What is your secret to body confidence?
I think honestly you just have to surround yourself with nice people! I reckon if you don’t feel intimidated then you can feel confident doing whatever. You just have to remember that everyone’s human, everyone has a body – whether it’s bigger, smaller or athletic. That’s what I love about Jockey, that their products are for everyone. It’s not all made for a model’s body and that’s where I come in! I can show people that it doesn’t have to just be models.
Doing the shoot I was a little bit scared at first. I was like ‘Oh god, I really better start working out these next couple of weeks,’ but then as soon as I did the shoot [it was fine].
What advice do you have for young women who struggle with body insecurities?
I think it’s important to remember that everybody is unique and you can never compare yourself and your body to anybody else because that’s their body – everybody has different shapes. It just important to be proud of who you are and own it because there’s only one version of yourself so make the most of it.
How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?
I try to exercise as much as I can. I go to a gym called Ludus Magnus which is functional body weight fitness and it’s different every time, which I love.
I eat pretty well 80% of the time. I try to fit exercise in every day if I can – even if it’s just a walk or a little jog or going to Ludus. It does wonders for your mental wellbeing as well as physical I think. I just feel happier and have more energy.

Do you and Art ever work out together?
All the time! It totally makes it more fun and we motivate each other so it’s really nice having someone to go [to the gym] with. Especially if we have to do a partner workout at Ludus, I’m always like ‘Thank god I’m not by myself!’ otherwise I’d have to be like ‘Heeeeey, really big muscly guy. Mind if I partner up with you?’ [laughs].

A photo posted by Matilda Rice (@matootles) on

Balance is key… as far as we’re concerned! What is your ultimate indulgence?
I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so I prefer pizza and pasta – I love pasta. Like, spaghetti bolognaise is my ultimate!
What is your beauty routine?
My everyday beauty routine is pretty standard. I use a brand called Snowberry – they just have the most amazing cleansers and moisturisers.
I put on a little bit of tinted moisturiser, Bobbi Brown bronzer and the Maybelline Falsies Push Up Drama mascara and I’m good to go!
How about your hair routine?
If I’m doing my hair for work I pretty much just dry it and go. On the weekend I ramp it up quite a lot and it takes me a lot longer [to get ready]! I’m a big fan of hot rollers.

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