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How to get Matilda Rice’s pushed back hairstyle à la VNZMAs

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Kyla Rose, Redken’s National Education Manager tells us how you can get Matilda Rice’s look from the VNZMAs

  1. Blow dry your hair smooth with Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer, $36, and Redken Heat Design Thermal Blow-dry Gelée, $38.
  2. Separate the top section away to slick the sides back. Spritz Redken Iron Shape Thermal Holding Spray, $38, to the side. Using a comb, directionally blowdry the hair back on a low speed, until the sides remain firmly in place.
  3. Finish sides with a spray of Redken Triple Take, $36, and secure with a business card and clip to hold whilst styling the top section.
  4. For the top, continue spraying Triple take and run fingers through your hair, directing the hair back, with a slight amount of volume. Keep applying until the hair is secure.
  5. Apply Redken Wax Blast, $28, as a finishing shine spray to achieve a glossy look.


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