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How to make the most of Mercury Retrograde

Your go-to guide on how to navigate the upcoming Mercury Retrograde, and what it really means.
The planet Mercury. Image: Shutterstock.

If you’re as astrology-obsessed as we are, you’ll already know that we’re going back into ‘Mercury Retrograde’ on 10 May 2022. Many people believe that this recurring period brings a host of mishaps and misfortunes, and you’ve probably heard Mercury being blamed for everything from bad hair days to technology gone haywire.

But what does this cosmic event actually mean, and do we really need to dread it? Whether you’re an astrology enthusiast or just want to make it through Mercury Retrograde unscathed, here’s everything you need to know, according to Gaia Chinniah, coach and creator of spiritual guidance mobile app ‘The Beacon by Soul 33’.

The planet Mercury moves around the sun a lot faster than Earth does. Mercury usually takes 88 days to complete its full turn around the sun compared to the 365 days that Earth takes. Therefore, during Mercury Retrograde, it appears to the eye that Mercury is moving backwards in the night sky; however, it’s an optical illusion. This phenomenon happens three or four times in a calendar year, and approximately three weeks at a time due to Mercury’s much faster orbit around the sun.

The times when Mercury is in retrograde are traditionally associated with confusion, delay, and frustration. Some may notice technical challenges, for example, with the devices in your workplace.

While Mercury Retrograde creates an energetic stiffness here on Earth, it may be for the better this May. From May 10 until June 2 this year, we may experience energetic obstacles such as delays and distractions. They might seem like they’re keeping us from walking our path with ease, but what they are actually doing is enabling us to see what’s broken and needs fixing before continuing. 

At this time, communication will be important when asking or appointing others to help you with projects in your home or work life. Be very clear in your direction. What are the bigger picture outcomes that you desire? 

Gaia Chinniah.

Communication with your partner or colleagues, whether it’s written or verbal, needs to be expressed clearly to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Before doing this, consider what the other person is thinking or feeling to convey a palatable message understood by all parties involved. 

Don’t force new beginnings this month because Mercury Retrograde is clearing all obstacles before you start anything new. Review what you think is a new way to do something, make a plan, and gather the information you need to begin in June, unless it naturally occurs. 

Overall, while it may seem daunting, Mercury Retrograde is preparing you for bigger and better things. Use the time to reflect on reoccurring obstacles, especially emotional ones — what you clear this month will be the fertisiler for personal growth. 

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