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Millenials home or holidays (F)

New study says millennials are ditching their first home in favour of travel

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Millenials home or holidays

What would you choose?

If the idea of saving for ages to scrape together a deposit to buy your first home while you watch your BFFs jet off on adventures leaves you feeling less than impressed, you’re not alone.
A new study has revealed millennials are choosing to live life right here and RN by spending their hard earned cash on holidays, as opposed fronting up their hard earned cash for a down payment on property.
We’re with ya!


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It’s even giving peeps like us a new name as “Generation Experience”. According to the study, more millennials in the US and the UK rated travel above buying a home, and paying down debt. The research also found the average millennial took three to four trips per year. We’re such high flyers!
Oh, and us youngsters totally throw out the rule book when it comes to pre-planning our holidays. 75% of millennials surveyed said they weren’t interested in pre-packaged tours or trips, instead preferring to have a ‘unique’ travel experience.
Guess it means we’re totes living the #YOLO dream…
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