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Miss FQ review: Blake Lively’s shark thriller film ‘The Shallows’

I’mma just start this movie review by saying that my boyfriend is a surfer. Or should I say was a surfer? Because there is no way that guy is going surfing now that I’ve watched this movie. No. Freaking. Way.
I’ve never been one to pick horror movies when I’m browsing. Not for any reason other than the simple fact that they scare the sh*t out of me.
So when I initially heard that Blake Lively had a new film coming out I was super excited because my #girlcrush hasn’t filmed a movie since having her first baby – more on that later – but then I found out it was a ‘survival horror thriller’ (yes, that’s actually The Shallows’ official genre) and I was worried for my anxiety.
I was right to be worried.
Let me give you a quick rundown of the plot if you haven’t watched the trailer already…
Nancy Adams (Blake Lively) takes a trip to a secluded beach in Mexico to go surfing at the same beach her late mother visited when she first discovered she was pregnant with Nancy. While surfing a great white shark knocks her off her board, throttling her through the ocean where she bangs her head on a rock and the shark savagely rips her leg apart (It’s brutal and I’m summarising considerably) so she takes refuge on a rock which is only accessible at low tide. That night and the next morning Nancy plots her survival as the high tide looms and the dreaded shark continues to encircle her vantage point.

If you want to know what happens next you’re going to have to see the movie.

Blake Lively is a SUPER impressive actress. I can only imagine how grueling the physical and emotional preparation would have been for this role, especially considering she started filming a mere 10 months after having her first daughter. I would call her #goals but I feel like Blake’s just a beautiful freak-of-nature so let’s move on.

The thing that stood out the most to me during this frightening cinematic experience was the anticipation build-up during the many impressive perilous moments of girl vs. shark. I thought waiting for my online shopping to arrive was pretty intense but when she tries to out-swim the killer fish… phwoar. Props to Nancy.

While characters sadly come and go in this story and it’s pretty much a one-woman triumph, a shout out must be made to Nancy’s seagull friend who remains by her side in her most desolate moments. Who knows what would have happened if he wasn’t her wing woman!
Even though this film is tremendously adrenaline-pumping it still manages to make me want to test my courage this summer, pick up a surf board and run in to the water Blake Lively x Baywatch styles. Just kidding – there’s no way my boyfriend nor I will be hitting the waves this summer. Sorry babe.
The Shallows is in cinemas from August 18th.

Words: Skye Ross


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