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Miss FQ digital content producer Ella Francis breaks down her morning routine


From practising mindfulness to a cup of coffee and a spray of her must-have perfume, Miss FQ digital content producer Ella Francis shares how she preps for the day ahead.

I’m a morning person so while my alarm goes off at 6 am my eyes are usually open and my brain is already ticking. Despite being wide awake I do find it hard to get out of my ultra cosy bed so I tend to hit the snooze button for another ten minutes and mentally prepare for the day ahead.
It’s showtime! First things first I look at my phone and check emails, social media and anything else that has come through overnight. I’m also trying to increase my water intake at the moment so during this time I have a glass of water mixed with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.
No more procrastinating, it’s time for a shower and to start my morning beauty routine. I naturally have very dry skin so maintaining moisture is a must and my routine includes a mixture of potions and lotions – from some of my favourite brands like Tailor Skincare, Grown Alchemist, Dermalogica – and several prescription moisturisers.
Recently I’ve realised the importance of starting the day with the right mindset and attitude. My favourite technique to get myself into a positive mind frame is to use the Headspace app which helps establish mindfulness as a habit. Once I’ve completed this I stretch, prep my first cup of coffee for the day and try to take a minute to be thankful, take in and appreciate the beauty of nature around me.
Once I’ve finished the Headspace app and my moisturiser has settled it’s all go. I apply my makeup for the day using brands such as Bobbi Brown, Nars and Clinique. Selecting my outfit the night before is a must as it stops me from time wasting by staring at my wardrobe wondering what to wear. So in this sense getting changed is pretty straightforward. Then, I add any accessories that tie in with my outfit and pop on my rings which have sentimental value and go everywhere I go.
I always wear a perfume to top off my look for the day. Growing up my mother always wore fragrances whose smells became memorable and iconic to my childhood. I like the thought that a perfume carries memories and so wearing a fragrance is something special to me. Coach Floral EDP is my favourite perfume at the moment with its floral notes and subtle musky tones and is the perfect final touch to any outfit.
If I’m lucky, have timed the morning right and everything goes to plan (because sometimes life happens!), I’ll have just enough time to sit down and have a quick coffee and chat with my husband before we start the day.
It’s time to leave for work so I grab the breakfast and lunch I prepped the night before. I’m a very slow eater who likes to take her time so I tend to have my breakfast at work to avoid eating in a hurry and/or get hiccups! Anything else I need for the day – like my laptop or gym gear – I’ll collect and have a quick snuggle with the dog before I’m out the door.
Living quite a distance from work means that leaving the house at the right time is key so I try to be out the door and in the car on the dot of 7:30 am. Travelling to work with my husband allows me to spend a bit of extra time with him before the day stars (it’s so important to squeeze in those moments whenever possible) and run through the general life to-do list before we launch into work.
This article was brought to you by Coach floral EDP 90ml $158 available from Smith & Caughey’s and Farmers.

Words: Ella Francis
Photos: Supplied


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