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Revolutionary, model-led body positive campaign #iamallwoman launches

I am woman, hear me roar!


I am woman, hear me roar!

What do models Charli Howard, Clémentine “Clem” Desseaux, Elliott Sailors, Leaf, Barbie Ferreira, Shivani Persad, Iskra Lawrence, Kamie Crawford, Denise Bidot and Vic Brito have in common? They’re on a mission to make all women feel beautiful.

The inspiration for their body-positive campaign #iamallwoman, which launched today, stemmed from Charli being told by her former modelling agency, in 2015, that she was “‘too big’ to work in the fashion industry.” She then linked up with Clem and the rest is history.

Their project isn’t just associated with plus-size women, however. They hope that all girls can look at their empowering campaign and feel represented – ideally for generations to come.

“I’m not plus-size, people get confused as to why I talk about body positivity. They think terms like “body positive” are only associated with plus-size, whereas I think every woman should feel body-positive,” Charli said when speaking to Teen Vogue.

“Embrace your natural body and skin colour. If they don’t accept you for who you are, then f**k them.”

The I Am All Woman website states:

Women are often segregated or stereotyped in fashion and the media; some are deemed the “real” women of the industry, whereas others are deemed “high-fashion” and editorial. Your body shape shouldn’t define your femininity or ability as a woman!

We believe size or color doesn’t limit us as models or as women. We believe all body shapes and ethnicities deserve to be represented in fashion and in the media, helping girls worldwide feel positive and confident about themselves.

The All Woman Project illuminates the idea that all women are more similar than we’re made out to think. We all have physical flaws and imperfections, and that does not make us more or less beautiful. Rather than retouching or shying away from them, we should embrace them.

Our physical attributes do not define us as women; our strength and character does. All of this make us all woman.

Love the skin you’re in! Beautiful Kamie @therealkamie for the #allwomanproject #iamallwoman

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Loving your cellulite is a bumpy road to paradise @bonjourclem for the #allwomanproject #iamallwoman

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You too can join the #iamallwoman movement by sharing photos of yourself and telling the world what makes you a woman by using the above hashtag and tagging @allwomanproject


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