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Q&A with Nike Trainer Phoebe Tommaso

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As a former international, competitive figure skater Phoebe Tomasso is one of those Nike trainers you’d definitely consider #goals. She is a lead NTC Trainer at the Nike Womens Studio in Melbourne teaching High Intensity Workouts and will be leading the final NTC Live class as part of Nike’s four-week Unlimited Spirit campaign which Jess Quinn and Miss FQ’s Skye Ross have been training for. Skye caught up Phoebe to find out what makes her tick…
When and why did you decide to have a career in fitness?
I’ve trained most of my life (I used to ice skate for Australia) so fitness and training has always been a massive part of my life. Once I’d finished skating, it just was quite a natural progression for me to become a Fitness Trainer, I love that I get to share my passion for health and fitness on a daily basis.
Being a Nike Trainer must be a seriously awesome gig! How did you become involved with the brand?
It’s amazing! I actually find it very hard to call it ‘work’ most of the time. I’d been doing some work as a PT and group trainer for a few years when Nike approached me to do some training sessions leading into the ‘Nike She Runs’ event in 2014, so I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with the brand and the Nike+ Training Club evolution since then.
What does your role with Nike involve exactly?
I run weekly NTC sessions at our Nike Women studio in Melbourne, I get to train an amazing group of girls each week and also get to be a part of some incredible events such as; NTC Tour Sydney and also coming to visit the NTCAKL crew! I get to train and motivate girls each week to be #betterforit, whatever that is for them.
Who within the Nike family is your fitness inspiration?
I draw a lot of fitness inspiration from our ‘OG’ Nike Master Trainer Marie Purvis (she’s based in Portland at Nike World Headquarters) who is an absolute rock star/co-creator of Nike Training Club app. But also the rest of our Nike Pacific team across Australia & NZ – they’re the business!
What tips or advice do you have for those of us who suffer from the classic ‘I can’t be bothered exercising’ mid-winter slump?
The best advice I have is to set some goals, or at least have a plan. I’ve recently set up a plan in the updated N+TC app, and it’s awesome. It’s given me a 6-week plan of workouts to get done + recovery days, as well as being able to edit the schedule if I’m doing other training or need an extra recovery day at some point. The other big one would be to find someone to train with – it makes training much more enjoyable and it’s automatic accountability.
What motivates you to get up and go every day?
Mostly, it’s the people I get to train. I get so much motivation from my seeing my clients and groups that I train work so hard, I feel like I’m missing out if I don’t get to train! I also love to move, so most days it’s not too hard to get myself going. I usually phone a friend or drag my boyfriend to the gym or on a run if I’m lacking some go-power.
How do we get abs?
Hard work and dedication – unfortunately, there’s NO magic ab-pill! Getting a 6-pack mostly comes down to a really clean diet, which usually takes ALOT of dedication, plus training hard in the gym. However some people are more genetically blessed when it comes to having amazing stomachs!
A girl’s got to chill out once and a while. How do you recover?
On my recovery days I usually like to go for a walk, or move in a more ‘gentle’ way… That plus a good coffee and brunch. That’s me done!
Balance and wellness is super important. How do you keep your mind healthy?
I try to get to yoga, which doesn’t happen as often as I like. But for me it’s just about making sure I relax on the weekends, and listening to my body – if I’m tired, I’m going to rest. Which is something I’ve learnt over the past few years – you can’t PUSH through everything.
Everyone has insecurities, right? Even Nike trainers? What’s the secret to loving your body, flaws and all?
Absolutely. It’s so easy to compare yourself to others, or what you think might be the ‘fittest’ looking person in the room. I really like to focus on how my body performs and what it can achieve rather than being the ‘leanest’ in the room. Once you can focus on performance and how amazing your body actually is, the focus becomes less on the ‘shape’ or ‘size’ you are.
List your daily menu for us…
5.30am – Usually a tea/hot drink on my drive to work
8am – Banana and a coffee (long black) pre-training usually.
9.30am – Brekkie – at the moment I’m loving making up a green bowl (asparagus, green beans, mint, parsley with almonds, pomegranate and goats cheese) + Avocado + poached eggs, SO GOOD.
12.30pm – Lunch is usually some sort of salad and usually fish (salmon is my favourite at the moment
3pm – Usually a protein bar of some sort (Cave Bars are my current fav) and a coffee before heading back to work
7pm – Varies, but on high rotation at the moment is Steak or chicken, chilli broccoli, some baked sweet potato chips (favourite)
8.30pm – Hot chocolate as my sweet treat post dinner… a habit I need to break!
Spill! What is your ultimate food indulgence?
I’m a SUCKER for ice cream, and sweet potato hot chips… but not at the same time, that’d be a bit weird!
What’s your fitness mantra?
Listen to your body. BALANCE is the key. Train hard, recover hard. That’s the best recipe for optimal performance.
What is on your current workout playlist?
Cold Water – Major Lazer & Justin Bieber
Hotter than Hell – Dua Lipa
All in my head – Fifth Harmony
What is your favourite NTC app workout?
Tough one! Some of the new ones are CRACKERS.
My top 3 are…
MOBILITY – Open Rotation
STRENGTH – 360 degrees stronger
ENDURANCE – Burpees, Bounds & Bridges
Which activewear item is your current MVP?
Current MVP – The new Nike pro bras. It’s amazing how we tend to forget how important a good sports bra is. The Nike Pro Hyper Classic is my favourite – beautiful as well as giving the right amount of support I need to kick some butt!
Which Olympic sport will you be binge watching this year?
I’m actually Olympic OBSESSED! So pretty much everything, but I do love me some track & field events – that’s always EPIC.


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