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Ew… Apparently Kiwi women wash their bras less often than you think

Are you a statistic?!

Recently Miss FQ went along to the Rose & Thorne showroom, a New Zealand-based lingerie company who offer affordable and properly fitting bras – how rare is that, right?! While we tried on some cute, comfortable and sexy sets, the team shared the results of their ‘2016 Bra Census’ with us.

Some stats were unsurprising, others insightful and one was downright shocking…

8% of women wear their bra *seven* times before washing!

Eww, you guys! We’re all for doing less washing but that’s just gross!

Check out the rest of the stats from Rose & Thorne’s interesting survey:

  • Over 4,300 NZ women completed the online survey over 4 weeks and were prepared to share her dirty laundry secrets and what they really have in their underwear drawers!
  • The average NZ woman owns 12 bras and regularly wears only 5 of them
  • 57% of the women who completed the survery would like men to buy them lingerie
  • Overall, women’s favourite style and colour is a black lace bra
  • Comfort is the most important factor as to how their favourite bra makes them feel, followed by supported, confident and sexy
  • 55% of the women have not been recently fitted
  • 28% do like bra shopping
  • 25% don’t like bra shopping
  • 22% of the women purchase their lingerie online
  • 4.3% is the average number of times the women surveyed wear their bra before washing them, but 8% of the women wear their bras 7 times before washing them!


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