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palm painting

Move over balayage, the latest hair colour technique is palm painting

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When it comes to trends in hair colour, it’s not only about the tone that’s hot right now, but equally as important is how you apply it.

2016 was defo the year of balayage. It offered hair stylists a way to create graduated colour that looked beachy and natural but that’s old news now, with one London stylist has taken things to the next level with a crazy new colouring trick.

Marcos Verissimo of Neville Hair and Beauty doing a hair colour technique using palm painting

The new move, in which hair colourists paint colour onto the hair with brushes, is called palm painting and allows them to apply colour like artists, stroking it onto the hair with the palm of their hands.

Created by Marcos Verissimo, color director at Neville Hair and Beauty in London, he explains the technique and how to do it in this video:

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He explains that the technique “makes things simple, easy to work with, and [provides] beautiful results.”

Working completely freehand and using the smooth surface of the palm to sweep colour onto the hair, the result is softer and without harsh lines.

It might even save you money, as your appointments for colour touch-ups can be stretched further apart. So whether you’re after that effortless French girl hair or simply want a more cost-effective colour plan, you might want to ask for palm painting next time you’re in salon.

Photos: Instagram


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