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Apparently these are the ages you peak at life, according to science…



Justin Bieber will never be as hot as he is now

Just like you, I am in my early 20s (21 to be exact), and so far I’m feeling pretty good about where I’m at. Fresh out of university, degree in hand, great friends, rad job – I should be peaking at life right? WRONG.
According to science, my brain has been dying for the past three years and I will not be at my peak wellbeing for another 61 years. How grim.
Yikes. Prepare yourself; here comes the Business Insiders list of ages you will apparently peak at different milestones in your life.
18 – Peak Brain Processing Power
Oh dear. This is not great news. This can’t be true. I thought I was getting smarter by the day. Maybe that’s just my brain cells dying. FML. If you’re over 18 like me… good luck. Brain power is a thing of the past.
23 – Peak Life Satisfaction
Hmm, okay. Well looks like 2017 is going to be a year of magical opportunities. (So far, so good TBH. Miss FQ Intern, holla!)
23 – Peak Attractiveness
HA! Thing are looking up! *Crosses fingers and hopes for a face like Candice Swanepoel*
25 – Peak Muscle Strength
Well, if bulging muscles and diminishing good looks are your dream combo, you’re in for the ride of your life.
26 – Peak Age to Find a Life Partner
Does this mean I will be married by 26 or only need to find a potential suitor by then??? I’m hoping for the latter. *Downloads Tinder*
28 – Peak Fitness
If I’m being honest, I’m not surprised. I feel like all the sneaky trips to The Botanist to get waffles for lunch will catch up with me at some point.
39 – Peak Salary
(Before or after tax?). This one’s probably because you’ve finally paid off your student loan.
51 – Peak Emotional Intelligence
LOL. Maybe now I should find a suitable partner. Or maybe move onto husband number two…
69 – Life Satisfaction
So ladies, we may be at our peak fitness levels, our wealthiest, and most emotionally stable, but we will be miserable and unhappy until our late 60s. Weeeeew.
74 – Peak Body Positivity
Well, who else is there to impress?
82 – Peak Wellbeing
Just accept it: We ain’t gonna be happy until we’re 82.

Photos: Instagram
Words: Ashleigh Ilton, Miss FQ Intern


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