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The most-pinned engagement ring on Pinterest

Engagement ring (Hero)

Oh, how we love planning weddings!

Pinterest – so much inspo, so many great pics! And after we’re done curating the perfect pinboard of outfits to wear, homes to style, and delicious recipes to create – yup you guessed it, we’ve got weddings – real or imagined – to plan.

While the site is a virtual goldmine for every interest you can imagine, wedding planning is basically next level as far as mining for visual gold goes. And we’re not just talking dresses, although obvs we’ve already pinned those, we’re talking adorable table settings, crazy photobooth ideas and of course: engagement rings.

Personal taste is a wide and varied thing and getting your S.O to buy you the perfect ring – well, that can only make for marriage perfection.

Here’s a side view of the engagement ring that’s getting the Internet all worked up.

Alvadora diamond ring. Photo /
Alvadora diamond ring. Photo /

This stunner of a ring currently has 160.8k pins as of last count.

The ring is by Brilliant Earth and is 18 karat white gold and is kind of a bargain at $1,490 US ($2056). Unfortunately that’s just for the setting. The bf is going to have to drop a bit more than that for the rock.

It’s not exactly a classic – in the traditional sense – but it looks totally timeless, and has a vintage-y feel to it, which gives it lots of coolness right off the mark.

We’re so not surprised this ring is getting the love from around the web.

Photo / Pinterest


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