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Travel blogger Cayla Jade reviews the Essano Clear Complexion range

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Jet-setter Cayla Jade of @lifeoflayovers shares her secret for keeping her skin in top condition while she flies from one corner of the globe to the other.

Travel blogger Cayla Jade clocks up around 1500 hours of flying every year — that’s 65 full days! With a hectic schedule of stopovers in places such as Indonesia and Japan, her skin is exposed to endless climate changes and dehydrating conditions. Wearing a full face of makeup every day means a detoxifying skincare routine is crucial for keeping her skin clear. A fan of natural ingredients, Cayla says the Essano Clear Complexion range ticks all the boxes for her. “It’s my favourite part of the day — taking all my makeup off!” she says.

About Cayla

Age: 26
Skin type: Normal
Skin concerns: Dry skin (from flying all of the time!); and prevention/ protection from environmental conditions

What sort of impact does flying so often have on your skin?
If you don’t look after your skin it can get very dry being in the aircraft and also the aircon of the hotels, so it’s crucial you hydrate and moisturise often.

What do you look for in a skincare range?
Natural is always the way to go. I love that Essano’s Clear Complexion range has none of the bad stuff, it simply treats your skin the way it should be treated. Plus, you can just grab it off the supermarket shelf when doing your weekly shop — bonus points for convenience!

Cayla on the Essano Clear Complexion Range

The Essano Clear Complexion range exceeded my expectations: I loved how each product has its individual benefits yet works to complement the other products. After one week of using the Essano Clear Complexion range, I found my skin felt more balanced; I noticed the redness in my cheeks wasn’t as noticeable and my skin felt smoother.

How do you find the effectiveness of the Essano Clear Complexion range compared to non-natural regimes for problematic skin?
Natural is always the way to go – it simply treats your skin how it should be treated. There’s none of the bad stuff and still works on keeping your skin clean and healthy.

Who would you recommend this range to?
Honestly ANYONE! In particular, younger girls (and guys) that may be prone to oily skin or that dreaded breakout. The products work best when you use the entire range to treat your skin.

Cayla’s travel essentials 

Why would you make room for the Essano Clear Complexion range in your luggage?
If you can have a skincare routine at home, you can absolutely make time to continue your skincare routine whilst away or on holiday!

How else do you keep your skin happy?
Water. Water. Water! The most simple way to keep my skin happy and healthy.

What are your other in-flight essentials and why?

  • Your OWN Water bottle: I cannot recommend this enough
  • Lip balm: there is nothing worse than dry lips
  • Reusable coffee cups: I am big on sustainability and always use a KeepCup when I travel

What are your top skincare travel tips?

  • Always take your makeup off during or after the flight and moisturise with the Essano Clear Complexion Range
  • Drink lots of water. Honestly, this is key to keeping my skin healthy and hydrated
  • Pack a lip balm. You will be surprised at how dry your lips can get without it
Photos: Supplied, Instagram

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