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Black Stick Rose Keddell shares her beauty routine & love for fitness


Name: Rose Keddell

Age: 22

Instagram: @rosekeddell

Snapchat: @rosekeddell

Miss FQ: Tell me about your journey to joining the New Zealand Black Sticks…

Hockey was the sport I chose as a youngster at school and since then I haven’t really thought about giving it up. Once I finished school I moved up to Auckland for University and at the end of that year made the Black Sticks. I think about the decisions I made leading up to making the team and it amazes me how things have a way of working out. I was originally going to take a gap year and go on a big OE with a few of my friends but last minute changed my mind and moved to Auckland. I often wonder what would have happened if I didn’t make that decision. Probably fair to say I am very happy I did!

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How has your life changed since you became a professional sportswoman in the public eye?

To be honest it hasn’t changed a whole heap. The great thing is now I have the opportunity to be a role model for other kids who want to do what I do! That is super exciting for me as being able to potentially have an impact on someone else’s life in a positive way is a pretty big deal. I’d say I’m also a little busier than I was a couple of years ago, but better busy than bored.

You must have been working out a lot in the lead up to the Rio Olympics! What did your weekly training schedule look like?

Yes a lot is definitely right! We had been on a really tough training regime for the past couple of months but it has meant that we were all in the best shape we could be leading into the games. We trained 6 days a week- this would usually include 3 gym session, 4 turf sessions and a couple of meetings to talk structure and tactics. This year we introduced one yoga session per week which was awesome and so important as it is such a good way to stretch out and most importantly RELAX.

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Do you have any pre-match routines or a ritual?

I love to sing (not very well but I give it a go) so my pre match routine often involves a bit of that! Other than that I keep things pretty relaxed as the build up to games often vary and so if your routine is too regimented, when something changes and you can’t adapt, it isn’t ideal!

How do you recover?

We do ice baths for 7 minutes after every game and hard training. The ice is really good to flush the lactic acid out of the muscles and keep you going especially when you have to back it up the next day. Food is also hugely important so making sure we fuel and refuel with the right amount of protein and carbohydrates. I also love yoga so that’s a great way to look after your body and ensure my muscles don’t get to stiff as this leads to injuries etc. Lastly I make sure I give my brain a break by ensuring I have enough time away from hockey- whether this is catching up with friends or getting home to Tauranga to spend time with family.

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When you’re feeling like you really can’t be bothered, what motivates you to get up and go?

I guess when you get into routine and commit to this lifestyle it really becomes something you just do. There are definitely times where I feel a bit flat and would love to stay in bed instead of getting up for training but I think in these times I tell myself that everyone in their own lives and respective careers have things they don’t want to do, It is just part of it. The old cliché ‘if it was easy everyone would do it’ just couldn’t be more accurate and I really try and think like that in times where it’s a bit of a battle. Got to climb the mountain before you get to the top!

At Miss FQ we definitely believe wellness is just as important as fitness. How do you keep happy and mentally healthy? Especially when there’s so much pressure as a professional sportswoman?

My family and friends are the most important things in my life for sure. They keep me happy, healthy and motivated. When I’m excited about something, I talk to them or alternatively when I’m struggling, I talk to them. I believe that as a person I am who I am because of the people I surround myself with and these individuals really encourage me to be better every day. At the end of the day, hockey won’t be forever so relationships are what matters the most.

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What advice do you have for young girls who want to go to the Olympics one day?

You can totally do it. I would have never thought I would get this opportunity and here I am! Keep working hard, always have a good attitude towards your training (even when it’s hard), you’ll get there!

What does your 9-5 look like?

During hockey season (10 months of the year) my days look like this… I try get up early as the morning is totally the best part of the day! I’ll go for a walk and get a coffee to wake me up then have breakfast & head off to training. After that I’ll eat again (my day is generally scheduled around eating, I’m 100% a foodie). Usually I have some time to chill out between trainings so I’ll relax or run errands/make dinner/catch up with friends before I head to training number two. After training the day is basically up so I’ll head home, eat my dinner, relax for a bit and go to bed ready to wake up and go again! It will vary a bit as my trainings aren’t always at the same time but it generally goes something like that. I’ll add though that I am a lot more fun in the summer.

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What is your favourite pre-workout breakfast?

Scrambled eggs! I always add some veges and a bit of chilli plus a couple pieces of midnight baker loaf (incredible) and that generally sets me up with the right amount of energy for a good workout.

Which sportswear item is your current MVP?

The new Pure Boost X running shoe from adidas are hands down the best running shoes I’ve worn. So comfortable I wear them every day, even if I’m not running. Luckily for me wearing active wear when you’re not necessarily doing anything active has become normality.

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If you could be someone else for a day, whose shoes would you choose to run a mile in?

Kate Middleton, cause she gets to hang out with Prince Harry and I’ve always had a crush on him.

We know it’s super important to eat healthy but everyone deserves a treat now and again What’s your indulgent vice?

Chocolate is definitely what I go to if it’s all a bit hard. I try to be good and get the 90% Lindt chocolate. I’m actually obsessed with the Lindt chilli chocolate too, that is amazing!

 What does your perfect rest day look like?

Breakfast at Catroux with friends, some form of light activity and not a whole heap else to be honest!

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Talk me through your beauty routine…

Less is more! I use Janesce skin products so cleanse and moisturise and then just a little bit of makeup which involves tinted moisturiser, mascara and some bronzer to give me some glow!

If we peeped inside your sports bag, what would we find?

Drink bottle, headphones, sweat towel, snack, adidas jacket, perfume, wallet, sunscreen – I think that’s it? It always ends up being overly full with unnecessary items!

 What’s on your workout playlist?

Currently I love ‘False alarm by Matoma’, ‘For what it’s worth by Kygo’ and then also super into some old school Destiny’s Child, TLC, R Kelly – so good!


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