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We are SO trying Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s tips for fuller lips

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Check out her hacks on how to create beeutiful bee-stung lips

If you’re after pout perfection, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s tips for creating fuller lips couldn’t be easier, and are, of course, totally pain-free!

What?!? That’s right – despite the fact that RHW is genetically blessed with TDF lips, even she doesn’t shy away from getting a little help to define what she has.

In the new GRWM video, above, Rosie filmed with makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, she shares a few hacks she uses on the reg. They’re so simple, we couldn’t quite believe it.

Her first tip is to use good lip balm.

“One of my tricks,” she says in the video, “is to always have really hydrated lips.”

Seems waaaay too obvious, right? But as it turns out moisturised lips look fuller than those that aren’t.

The second tip Rosie swears by is nude lip liner. She swears she uses it daily, even if she’s not wearing lippy.

In the video, she outlines her lips – paying special attention to the Cupid’s bow – by feathering the strokes, creating soft definition, rather that opting for solid lines.

The result? Well, Rosie’s lips are something else… but these simple steps to better looking lips definitely seem doable to us.

Photo: Getty Images


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