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Science explains how you can make your weekends feel longer

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Those 48 hours seem to have a runaway life of their own.

Monday. It always comes around so quickly. One moment you’re enjoying a few drinks with friends on Friday night and before you know it, it’s Sunday afternoon and you’re prepping for the week ahead, asking yourself: “SRSLY WHERE DID MY WEEKEND GO?”
Okay, so it’s kinda obvious, but the fact that weekend time seems to evaporate quicker than workweek time is actually a thing – a thing we don’t like much at all. Luckily, science has come up with an explanation as to how we can make time pass more slowly, and the good news is it’s not that difficult.
According to Professor David Eaglemen, author of The Brain: The Story of You, the key to making time last longer is to keep adding new experiences to your daily routine. Especially over the weekend.
We’re not talking about a major overhaul either; the simple act of drinking your morning coffee in a different spot, or heading to that hot new café can do the trick.
The neuroscientist explained to New York Magazine  how new experiences can often feel as though they last longer because the mind is focused on building new memories.
“It’s why time seems to fly by so much faster as an adult than it did when you were young.
“When you’re a kid, everything is novel and you’re laying down new memories about it. So when you look back at the end of a childhood summer, it seems to have taken a long time because you remember this and that, this new thing, learning that, experiencing that.”

Watch life coach Sarah Laurie on how to be organised:

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The trouble is that when we’re older, our minds have fixed patterns in place, so it can feel difficult to seek out “newness”.
One way to shift out of a rut is to make plans and actually stick to them. While it might feel like you’ve got too much going on during the weekend, you’ll actually feel as though you’ve got more time on your hands than if you were to just binge on your fave Netflix boxset.
Basically, if you don’t change it up, you’re going to keep feeling like time is slipping away…
Even small tweaks like reading a new book or surfing different sites count as “new” ways to spend your time.
Who knows? With all that weekend time ahead, anything is possible!

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