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You can now go to a school to become a Social Media Influencer

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - AUGUST 30: A guest texting with her phone wearing a black leather jacket and Saint Laurent bag outside Ida Sjöstedt during the second day of the Stockholm Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 on August 30, 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden. (Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images)

Get your Instagram game ready, ladies, you can learn how to grow your following at school

Scrolling down your Instagram feed and seeing a perfectly laid out, pristine edited and basically #InstaGoals photo is something that we come acorss all too often, especially since the emergence of social media influencers. The art of a flawless gram is something that so many aspire to, as a high follower count from a series of curated photos generates not only business opportunities, but social opportunities also.

There’s no denying that the life of a social media influencer has its perks; the glam, the fame and the perceived happiness generated from the constant adventures, beautiful clothes, delicious meals and dreamy travel destinations has so many of us wanting in. And now, getting in on the life as a social media influencer is now easier than once thought ’cause you can now go to school to learn the tricks of the trade!

Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College, based in China, is the first school to have a go at mastering the art of Instagram, with the ideology that you can essentially form an Instagram-famous personality from scratch and grow your online presence and personality by following certain steps.

The school features a class where students can learn the modelling and etiquette behind ‘grams, as well as how to curate a specific look, fashion sense, the perfection of certain poses and angles, make-up knowledge and photo and video skills, too. They’re just a few of the subjects taught here and deemed ‘crucial’ in contributing to the growth of one’s popularity online.

All 34 current attendees of the class are young women, but this comes as no surprise, with the payroll for women social media influencers being higher than that of men’s.

The future generation of social media influencers is now no longer just in the hands of individuals who rise to fame, but also in the hands of those who are taught how to gain fame by the book.

Booking a plane ticket to China now, anyone?

Words: Maxine Fourie
Images: Getty Images


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