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Sofia Richie’s pissed that people think she broke up Tobey Maguire’s marriage

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Sofia Richie attends the Prettylittlething starring Sofia Richie launch party at Tape London on October 13, 2016

“Are you f*cking joking?”

On the 1st of October, Sofia Richie and Tobey Maguire were seen partying it up in Las Vegas night club, 1 Oak one day after news broke that he and wife Jennifer Meyer are divorcing.

Keep in mind that Sofia is 18 and Tobey is 41… not that the massive age difference stopped rumours from surfacing that the two may be canoodling.

Sofia responded to the gossip on her Instagram, with this delightfully dismissive post. You gotta love her attitude to all this!

“Another day another bullshit story people make up to have a reason to attack me for. Don’t make me out to be a malicious person. Your tales are false I shall sip my tea,” she wrote.

I mean, he is plenty old enough to be her dad!

All in all Sofia seems disgusted by the idea. She is not dating Tobey and isn’t likely to be dating him any time soon.

When the paparazzi asked Sofia if she broke up Spiderman star Tobey Maguire’s marriage, it was pretty clear that Sofia wasn’t having any of it. Watch her response in this fiery video:

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“Literally stop asking her that because it’s a bullshit rumour. She’s a beautiful, young teenager who is single and loving life,” yells Paris Hilton while photographers swamp her and Sofia as they get in a car.

Wow, are we the only ones wanting to be friends with Paris Hilton right now? Girl’s got Sofia’s back!


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