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spray on nails

Spray on nail polish is here


It’s a happening thing, making our lives that much easier!

Everybody knows the struggle of painting and maintaining your nails is real. Not only do you have to prep properly, remember the three-stroke rule and apply a top coat, you then have to sit patiently until they dry (only to smudge them on the first thing you touch).  Can we hear it for #firstworldproblems?

But in possibly the BIGGEST beauty news since Jessica Alba’s Kardashian makeover, the super clever people at Nails Inc. have created spray can nail polish. Think graffiti, but for your nails.

Apparently, it works by sticking to your base coat instead of your skin.


Once it’s dry, you can rinse off any excess polish that’s on your hands. Can you f*&kingbelieve it?!

spray on nails

We’ll have to hold our breath for the confirmation of a release date in NZ, but we’ll be sure to scream the news at the top of our collective lungs as soon as we know!

Source: COSMO Australia


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