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Stolen Girlfriends Club held an open casting for their Dunedin show so we asked Marc Moore about it

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The Stolen Girlfriends Club X Mini Resort show was held in Dunedin on Friday, September 30th but it wasn’t your standard SGC show… if you could even ever call their shows standard.

It was the first time the iconic fashion brand has staged a show outside of the 09, and they also did something freakin’ cool, and rather uncharted, by holding an open casting for models.

Designer, Marc Moore took five to talk to Miss FQ about the incredible eight unknowns who walked in their first ever show, and to let us know whether Jafas or Scarfies really party harder…

Why did you and the Stolen Girlfriends Club team decide to stage a show in Dunedin?

Mini were really keen to collaborate on an event outside of Auckland. We both thought Dunedin would be the best location because we both have great stockists down there. Our stockist, Slick Willys have been with us since the beginning so it was really nice to do something with them, for their clients too.

Tell me about your reasoning for doing an open casting.

We wanted the event to be more like a community event so we thought if we open the casting to the public and get them into it; it would make the event as a whole bigger and better.  We met so many cool cats at the public casting.  I was blown away at how excited they were – I guess I’d forgotten how cool it is when you do your first show, it’s a huge thing! That casting was def one of my highlights!

What was it about the 8 ‘unknowns’ that you liked, for you to cast them for their first ever show?

They were all so different, such different looks and personalities but somehow they all seemed to fit the brand.  Some girls I was instantly impressed just by the way they looked and how they wore the clothes and others I was blown away by the way they walked.

Which of the new faces are you pinning as the next one to watch in the industry?

My absolute favourite was this girl called Alannah. She had travelled down from Christchurch for the casting and instantly blew us away.  She has this fierce fringe, almost like some futuristic mullet.  She’s actually done a bunch of private work for some of the brands in Dunedin but we’d never seen her before. I wish she lived in Auckland; she’d be our muse for sure! Every outfit we put on her she just owned and made it look so damn cool. Aaaaaaah so in love!

Who’s more fun to party with – Auckland show attendees or scarifies?

That’s a hard one. Auckland because we know more people and it’s all more familiar. But Dunedin as a whole is way friendlier. There’s that saying about the great Southern hospitality and it really is true. People are so friendly and open and willing to give you their time – I love that.

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