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Girls you need to know: 6 local girls on how they create their own style rules

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Photographer Aasha-Samara Nimo spotlights 6 girls with skills, style and sass in spades.

We’re beyond excited to have had the Miss FQ Collective contribute towards Miss FQ Issue 2 2018. Among the talented posse is photographer and all-round creative Aasha-Samara Nimo. She rounded up a bunch of bright and brilliant local girls to pose for a portrait and have them share their views on what’s happening in the world around them.

From Docs paired with tulle to flaming Hawaiian shirts, prepare to be inspired to take a risk next time you get dressed.

Scroll down to find out more about the pack creating their own style rules:

1. China and Rain Katayangi, models and DJs.

What or who are your style inspirations?
Both: Drew Barrymore in Charlie’s Angels when she borrows that kids clothes and a motorbike.

Staple sneaker till you die?
Both: Converse One Star.

Beauty routine secret?
Rain: I sleep for 12 hrs.

What album have you got on repeat?
China: Travis Scott ‘Astroworld‘.

5 years on: Where you at?
Both: 26 yrs old? We don’t know actually – a lot can happen in 5 years!

Where can we find you during the day?
Rain: With my boo, or at home.

Where can we find you during the night?
China: Getting lit at the clubs.

2. Shaylah Minhinnick, future fashion graduate.

Who are your style inspirations?
Rihanna, truly iconic.

Has being a fashion student changed your perspective on style in any way?
It made me realise the importance of quality clothing and knowing where your clothes come from. Super important.

What are your staple wardrobe items?
Sneakers, comfort is key.

Favourite sneaker?
Retro Nikes.

Where can we find you during the day?
I’ll most likely be at work, The Paper Bag Princess.

3. Ria Bhogal, design student.

How would you describe your style?
Constantly changing, very influenced by my trips to the op-shop.

Has being a fashion student changed your perspective on style in any way?
It’s made me aware of how wasteful this industry is, and the importance of buying second hand, local, and well-made clothing.

Where can we find you during the day?
I live my days in the studio at uni.

Where can we find you during the night?
If I’m not at uni, I’m at home. I’m very lucky to be living with a bunch of creatives. We’re always dressing up, having a boogie or attempting to make some extravagant meal. Shout out to my flatties! Love y’all.

Your favourite type of shoe
My baby blue Skechers D’lites! But my DREAM shoe would have to be Margiela Tabi silver sequin mirror boots.

Beauty routine secret?
Lipstick on the cheeks.

4. Nicola Luey, streetwear designer.

What or who are your style inspirations?
Punk subcultures, nostalgia for my adolescence, music culture, and movies like The Breakfast Club, and The Royal Tenenbaums, and Spirited Away.

How has working as a fashion designer changed the way you view style?
Since beginning a career in fashion, I’ve learnt to really value authentic acts of personal expression through clothing. When people wear clothes that they love, the whole way that they act and carry themselves is different – they’re comfortable in themselves and their identity.

What’s your ethnicity and has that influenced your style in any way?
Being a Chinese New Zealander has meant that I have never fit neatly into one label. I think that the way I dress has become a way of exploring, working through and expressing those feelings.

What’s the best and/or hardest thing about being a creative?
Best: Getting to spend your life going deeper into the thing you love.

Worst: Trying to figure out how to make a passion sustainable, as well as the expectations of others and yourself.

Best beauty secret?

5. Jodie Johns, design student and model.

What or who are your style inspirations?
I would have to say 90s fashion, Aaliyah, Janet Jackson. Also, a lot of girls I follow on Instagram, like Aerin Creer.

What are your staple wardrobe items?
Denim, it’s a must-have. Right now my Doc Martens and a stylish pair of sunglasses.

Best curly hair secrets?
Sulfate and paraben free products. I usually buy the Hask Coconut Curls shampoo and conditioner, but I try not to use it very often otherwise my curls get used to it and then it doesn’t have much of an effect. Also, an intensive care conditioner is a must, right now I’m using the Garnier Fructis Banana Hair Food intensive conditioner, it smells amazing and keeps your hair soft and hydrated.

Your top 2 uni hacks?
If you’re a design student, make your due date a week earlier so that when it’s finally time to print you have time for trial and error. Set goals and give yourself a treat when you’ve achieved them.

What perfume are your wearing right now?
I’m currently wearing Solinotes Rose.

To stay up to date with Aasha-Samara’s work, follow her on Instagram: @glittergirlsclub

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