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We’re calling it now: This New Zealand beauty brand is about to gain major attention offshore

This local beauty brand is going to be a total game-changer.

Although New Zealand fashion has been making its mark overseas for decades, we’re calling it now that this will be the year natural ingredients unique to our country (and the local skincare brands that harness their goodness) will earn major attention offshore.

Syrene, a locally-made skincare range, has been on our radar for quite some time and no doubt it’ll be on yours too (if it’s not already).

But it wasn’t just the chic baby-blue packaging with rose gold accents that caught our attention, (although how ‘gram-worthy will these products look in any #beautyshelfie you might decide to take?) This skincare range is gaining major street cred in the natural beauty realm because it has some star player ingredients that really work.

Read all about these key ingredients changing the skincare game forever and the Syrene products that are on heavy rotation in our beauty regime:


Antioxidants, those tiny defenders that famously fight off damaging and ageing external factors known as ‘free radicals,’ are in abundance within New Zealand’s famous crimson blooms. A beneficial all-rounder, Pohutukawa also helps with maintaining a good level of hydration and its astringent qualities tone, soften and improve skin’s cell turnover so it appears brighter and more even looking. Pohutukawa is all about achieving that natural glow – why wouldn’t we be in?

Try: Syrene Skincare Aqualight Moisture Gel Lotion, $100


Currently trending in skincare, the leaves and bark of the Kawakawa plant have actually been long been used in traditional Maori medicine to heal wounds and skin issues like eczema and sunburn, as well as taken orally to maintain wellbeing. Now, the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are being called upon to help topically treat acne and soothe sensitive skin – giving us a more natural approach to ridding ourselves of those pesky pimples.

Try: Syrene Skincare Aqua Intense Cream, $110


Ephemer is a key ingredient in the entire Syrene range and does wonders for the skin. Put simply, ephemer is an extract taken from sea kelp that also has considerable antioxidant qualities and remains potent for much longer than other forms, allowing it to be more useful to your skin. This secret weapon strengthens skin cells, helps to fight against harmful radicals that try to damage your skin and promotes elasticity for a more youthful appearance.

Try: Syrene Skincare Aquagel Refreshing Toner, $100

Marine collagen

Environmental factors that damage skin like UV exposure, low humidity, pollution and the like, find a foe in marine collagen. It’s known for strengthening the skin’s protective barrier, so you can counter off these nasty chemicals with a natural approach. 

Try: Syrene Skincare Aqua Restore Eye Essence, $110


Mamaku, or black tree fern, is a native plant adept at retaining water. In nature it keeps our forests lush and green, similarly its use in face products helps skin maintain its plump, healthy glow, tightening skin and staving off dehydration and its resulting fine facial lines.

Try: Syrene Skincare Aqua Hydrating Masque, $120

Syrene Skincare’s Aqua range uses premium quality active ingredients found both in the ocean and in nature to create a lightweight, gel-based daily skincare routine that melts into skin for long-lasting moisture and nourishment. Visit

Photos: Supplied, Instagram


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