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Temporary scented tattoos

Forget tiny tatts, these temporary scented tattoos are beautiful

Scratch n’ sniff humans are officially a thing

If you grew up in the 90s you’ll remember the joy of dashing to the dairy, pocket money in hand, to load up on the two-for-5 cent bubble gum — featuring the best bit of the treat, a temporary tattoo inside the wrapper.

From snakes to daggers and bleeding hearts, these bogan icons were our first intro to the world of tattoos, before we grew up and moved onto the more permanent kind. But if you never quite got into the perma-ink of a real tattoo, or perhaps you just like the idea of being able to have a tatt on a whim, Tattly is your answer.

The Brooklyn, New York-based company licenses real designs from professional artists and makes them into stunning modern tattoos you actually want to wear. Not only that they’ve just upped their game and are now offering scented temporary tats — for real, tattoos that smell amazingly good.

Currently amongst Tattly’s scented are a collection of herbs (parsley, thyme, rosemary, sage, plus a bouquet garni if you can’t quite decide), four different florals, plus candy bracelets and ring pops. The designs are guaranteed to be a hit this winter, as beautiful scented tatts peeking out of your knitwear will brighten even the gloomiest of days.

The artwork is gorgeously delicate and it’ll make you wish your web browser offered scratch and sniff test patches on its screen. Luckily the scented tats are such a great price, you can justify getting a bunch.

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