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Side hustles that’ll make you some serious cash

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Cash flow a little slow? Put some bling in your step with a side hustle that doesn’t feel like work.

You know you’ve felt it – that anxiety in the pit of your stomach upon checking your bank account and realising you’ve got to survive the rest of the week on a big fat zero.
For some, the lack of dollars comes down to a lack of sense – or at least a serious lack of budgeting skills. No pay cheque can change what your bank balance looks like because at the end of the day you just burn through whatever you get. If this is you, then make sure you check out our super helpful and very necessary article on saving money to help keep you in the green.
But what if your problem isn’t that you’re bad with money, you simply earn an entry-level income and it doesn’t matter how many desk salads you prepare on a Sunday night, you’re still scraping by?
According to website GoDaddy, around half of our generation have some sort of side hustle to either boost cash or chase a passion. So if you’ve found yourself on the other side of the 50% and in need of further funds, look no further to learn how to get your in with the money makers and side hustlers of our generation.


If you’re an organisation queen:

So, neat, tidy and structured is your status quo and you simply can’t handle any form of chaos? Put those pro organising skills to use as a virtual assistant, providing remote administrative, technical or creative assistance, all from the comfort of your own home. Ideal for those who get satisfaction from everything being in precisely the right place, this job is especially suited to anyone already working in an admin role. You never know, if you strike out on your own after hours you could build up enough of a clientele to one day work for yourself full-time. Either way, you bank account will thank you.
Check out: 
Savvvy School. This one-stop shop for anyone wanting to set themselves up as a virtual assistant is the brainchild of Jo Muggerridge, founder of New Zealand’s leading virtual assistant company, Strictly Savvy.

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If you’re more than a little opinionated:

Newflash! If you’ve got a strong point of view, you can do some much more with it than talking your pal’s ear off or going on a fully fledged Facebook rant. Make the most of your talent and enter the world of websites that ask for – and literally value – your opinion on products. While this side hustle might not make you rich, it can be a quick and easy meal ticket in the form of cash, gift cards or vouchers. And every little bit helps, right?
Check out:
Opinion World, Survey Compare and My Opinions. And don’t hold back.


If you’re a masterchef in training:

Do you spend your days dreaming about all things edible? Or find yourself planning dinner while assembling your lunch? Food is clearly on the brain so why not capitalise on your obsession and unleash your inner Chrissy Teigen on the world. To start off, find your niche. Smoothie bowls? Raw cakes? Slow-roasted ribs with all the fixings? Your housemates will happily dine in at your test kitchen, and when they’ve given you and your wares their seal of approval, off to the nearest farmer’s market you go. Next stop: Profitsville.
Check it out:
Visit Farmer’s Markets NZ to find your local and register as a stall holder.


If shopping is your favourite sport:

Want to get paid to shop? And no, we don’t mean sneakily scrolling through Net-a-Porter with a work-related task one Alt + Tab away. We mean converting your shopping skills into some serious cash by becoming a mystery shopper and reviewing your retail experience. Dream gig, maybe, but be aware that the tempting purchases you might be exposed to on the job are an occupational hazard. This side hustle takes some serious self-control.
Check out:
Take a look at companies like Quality Shopper or Hoed if you’re interested in mystery shopping.


If fashion really is your passion:

Why not start an online recycled-clothing boutique? Dedicate a weekend to doing the wardrobe cull you’ve been talking about for a year, then take advantage of any number of accessible webstore-building programmes to set yourself up for business. Rope in some friends with equally bursting closets to up the inventory and maximise social media reach and the sales will start pulling through in no time. Alternatively, use an existing designer consignment website or brick-and-mortar establishment to sell or rent out your excess items. Less admin, this option is sure to make you some quick cash, just factor in the fees that may bring your total profit down.
Check out:
Some of the best webpage store builders include Shopify and Squarespace, while Trade Me, Etsy and Designer Wardrobe are great platforms to sell clothes from. Our chat with Ellis Hong of Ellis and Friends is the perfect example of a successful online store.


If you love kidding around:

Do pictures of Harper Beckham or Penelope Disick give you explovaries? Look no further than babysitting – the flexible side hustle that allows you to pick and choose the jobs that suit your busy schedule. Or, if you have a knack with children but are more comfortable in an educational as opposed to maternal role, perhaps being a tutor is for you. Whether it’s algebra or acoustic guitar, identify what you’re good at, arm yourself with a decent amount of patience and understand, and let the world know you’re available to pass on your gifts – for a price, of course.
Check it out:
For babysitting options, take a look at Babysits and Care Finder. If you want to be a tutor, use sites like Find A Tutor to advertise your availability, specialisations and qualifications.


If you’re a budding writer/stylist/photographer/illustrator:

Get in touch with the Miss FQ team! We are always looking for contributors with something to say and a fresh, creative way of saying it. Send us your elevator pitch and a sample of your work and you could find yourself featured in our next issue or online.
Check it out:
Send all the info to
This article originally appeared in Miss FQ Issue 1, 2018.

Words: Ella Francis
Photos: Pinterest and GIPHY



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