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The denim label that believes in curves

When Bella Sen couldn't find the perfect pair of jeans, she decided to make her own.
Models wearing Peachay jeans.

Australian denim label Peachay wants its wearers to embrace their curves, making jeans for bodies with ‘juicier hips, butts, and thighs’. 

Founded in 2018 by Bella Sen, her entrepreneurial journey started after she became emotionally exhausted by trying on new jeans. When she couldn’t find her perfect fit, Sen realised the jeans were the issue, not her. Unable to find a denim brand that specifically catered for her hourglass figure, Sen created her own through Peachay. 

Sen wants wearers to feel confident in their Peachay jeans, and is now on a mission to eradicate size numbers, instead choosing to represent each Peachay fit with a flower. 

“So many women think that because they don’t ‘fit’ into ‘standard sized’ clothing that there must be something wrong with their body shape, when it’s actually the opposite. It’s the clothing that is wrong because they’re made with a cookie-cutter approach, expecting that one size style should fit all”, explains Sen.

“Unfortunately, we can all be our own worst enemies when it comes to body shaming, and sizing charts can sometimes unfairly reaffirm what we think about ourselves. At Peachay we strongly believe that the sizing standards are outdated and are not conducive to body acceptance. We don’t use traditional sizing and instead encourage women to shop for their denim using our guide of ‘flowers’.”

Offering a variety of flattering styles for those blessed with smaller waistlines and thicker thighs, the Peachay collection features a variety of denim cuts in four different washes: dark blue, light blue, black, and white. Instead of following trends, Peachay focuses on classic cuts: straight-leg, tapered, and wide-leg jeans, alongside short and skirt styles. 

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