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The Internet is not happy with this Net-A-Porter photoshop fail

Photoshop fail (H)

The epic Photoshop fail revealed arrows and “please slim” notes…

Designer clothing site, Net-A-Porter has come under fire this week after publishing a pic to its site along with retouching notes and arrows pointing to where the image needed to be ‘slimmed’.

The photo which appeared on the clothing website was advertising a pair of £35 Maria La Rose Sailor Man socks.

The image showed a model wearing a bomber jacket and a skirt along with Photoshop retouching notes, obvs intended for the site’s graphics team.

Net-a-porter image 1

As well as the “Please slim” comment, the photo also showed blue arrows pointing to the model’s shoulders, arms and waist.

The pic has since been removed from the site, and been and replaced with an unannotated image.Net-a-porter image 2

The new image appears to be an unedited version of the original pic.

A spokesperson for the site said in a statement: “We post images that accurately represent the garments so that customers receive product they expect.

“This image was uploaded to our product page in error and the notes refer exclusively to the garments.”

Hmm… suspicious. Do you believe their comments or do you think this is another instance of a model Photoshop fail?

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