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It turns out you’ve been applying glitter polish all wrong!

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This trick is genius

As it turns out we’re not the only ones who thought that using the brush which comes with a bottle of glitter polish was the way to go. I mean, why wouldn’t it work? We just assumed it was meant to apply sparsely each time, often resulting in millions of layers while we attempt to nail an opaque application. You know the struggle we’re referring to!

But that b*tch of a first world problem is no more, girls!

YouTuber Kelli Marissa just debunked the goopy myth with her… yep, we’re going to use this word… genius trick. Game-changing even!

Gone are the days of waiting hours for your nails to dry because you painted coat after coat – all you’ll actually need is a base coat, liquid latex (optional), your favorite glitter nail polish, a cosmetic sponge and a top coat.

Check out her incredible and deceptively simple tutorial in the video, above.


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