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Uh oh… a warrant has been issued for Tyga’s arrest

Kylie’s got herself a bad boy…

With Kylie’s 19th birthday tomorrow it must be completely ruining her excitement since news has broken that her boyfriend Tyga is in serious trouble with the law.

‘How serious?’ you ask. According to TMZ a judge has issued a warrant for Tyga’s arrest since he skipped court on Tuesday. The reason he’s tied up in this saga in the first place is because he allegedly owes the landlord of the Malibu mansion he was renting $500,000.

Seeing as the rapper managed to fork out $250k for his girlfriend’s 19th birthday he’s clearly got the funds to sort this finance issue out. Hence why the judge issued the arrest warrant, which also happens to be something called a bench warrant, meaning Tyga could go to jail.

Confused? Got it? Okay.


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