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Gossip Girl reunion

Uhh what?! Is a Gossip Girl reunion really happening?

The main Gossip Girl cast

Please let it be so!

Rumours of a Gossip Girl reunion have been swirling since Ed Westwick’s bombshell remark last year claiming he would love to revisit his lovable rogue character, Chuck Bass.

But the rumour mill went into full on OVERDRIVE this week as fellow Gossip Girl alumni Sebastian Stan (you might remember him better as bad boy Carter Baizen) fuelled the fire at the Captain America: Civil War special screening.

When asked about the possibility of a reunion, Stan jumped at the idea and mentioned his co-stars are also pretty keen. “I would do it,” he told E! News. “Why not? I got Jessica Szohr and Chace [Crawford],” he added, referring to the actors who played Vanessa Abrams and Nate Archibald on the show.

Stan and Crawford are famously tight off-set and even flatted together at one stage.

Sebastian Stan and Chace Crawford.
Sebastian Stan and Chace Crawford.


Throw in Ed Westwick, and you’ve pretty much got the whole clan (er, kind of).  We just need someone to talk around the rest of the gang: Leighton Meester, who played Blair Waldorf; Blake Lively, whose character Serena van der Woodsen dated almost every male character in the show; and Penn Badgley, who, as Dan Humphrey, was revealed to be GG in the final episode.

While Gossip Girl came to an end in 2012, rounding out an epic six-year run, fans of the show would never say no to a revival – especially with reunion shows popping up all over the place (hello Fuller House and Gilmore Girls).

We wait with bated breath…

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