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How to: Your ultimate travel makeup tutorial


Whether its cocktails in Bora Bora, or hiking in Peru, everybody needs a quick and easy go-to make up look. Krystal Ween tells you how…

When traveling, I love having a natural, dewy look perfect for all climates. To ensure you get the most out of your adventure, if you look your best, you’ll feel your best! Here are seven quick and easy steps to help you achieve that flawless, natural finish:

  1. After applying your favourite primer or moisturiser, then squeeze MAC face and body (roughly the size of a 20 cent coin) onto the back of your hand and grab your duo fibre brush. Starting with your forehead, work your way around the whole face, using circular motions to blend, blend, blend that foundation!
  2. Apply Maybelline’s Lumi Touch highlighting wand under both eyes, centre of forehead and down the bridge of the nose. Buff the concealer out with the same duo fibre brush.
  3. Use a powder to set foundation. I like to use Maybelline’s Fit Me range, but any powder will do the trick. Use a large powder brush in circular motions to achieve a natural finish. Less is more with this step try not to go overboard with the powder.
  4. Now let’s throw some colour back into the face by using Benefit’s Hoola contouring shade. Using the same powder brush, squeeze bristles so that it becomes narrow. With sweeping motions, apply contour under cheek bones and at the top of the forehead. Grab your favourite blush and blend just above contouring. You can never over blend, nobody wants obvious lines!
  5. Time to glow! Take Benefit’s High Beam and stroke right on top of the cheek bones, brow bone and centre of nose. Use fingertip to pat out and leave a heavenly dewy look.
  6. Now, let’s tame them brows and lashes. Outline the shape of your brows with Maybelline’s Satin Brow wand and brush product through brows, we want them light and feathery. Use L’Oreal’s Volume Million mascara to brush lashes and watch them double in size!
    Brow-Satin-Duo volume-million-lashes-mascara-42765
  7. Finish the look off with a classic, nude lippy. My personal favourite is Velvet Teddy by MAC.

There you go! Less time worrying about your make up, more time for exploring!


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