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The hilarious story about how Taylor Hill got her Victoria’s Secret wings

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A photo posted by Taylor Hill (@taylor_hill) on

Victoria Secret Angel Taylor Hill has shared the hilarious story

Life has its milestones, and more often than not these unforgettable, life-changing events catch us off-guard, but for the most part make for great stories… eventually.

Perhaps you’re thinking right now about your first kiss, that time you found out you got the job or, like Charlotte York from Sex and the City, when your water broke in front of your best friend’s ex-fiancé who stood her up at the altar. You catch our drift!

For model Taylor Hill, that moment was when she got the call that brought her Victoria’s Secret wings and it’s not what you’d expect. At. All.

A photo posted by Taylor Hill (@taylor_hill) on

Taylor walked Who What Where through the whole story: “I was in Los Angeles in my car on my way to my sister’s house, and I was like, ‘I’m going to get a snack.’ I ran into a Rite-Aid and grabbed some Hot Cheetos. I get in my car, my dog is flailing, and I’m just eating my Cheetos, and my agent calls me and I answer the phone, like, ‘Yeah!'”

Her agent said, “Today I got a contract for you from Victoria’s Secret.” Taylor jokingly reenacts herself pausing mid-bite, to which she responded, “‘To just wear the underwear or what?’ And he said, ‘No, Taylor, to be an Angel, you’re going to be an Angel.'”

Naturally, Hill says she was in shock.

“He said, ‘Are you going to scream or what?!’ And then I screamed. That was how I became an Angel.”

Just something to keep in mind the next time a Hot Cheetos craving hits you!

Taylor Hill will official debut as a Victoria’s Secret Angel at the annual Fashion Show in Paris on December 5th – and will be likely to remember the snack she was eating when she got the phone call about receiving her wings for the rest of her life.

Watch the Victoria’s Secret holiday 2016 ad video:

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