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YouTube vlogger applies 100 layers of face masks

You guys, the 100 layers of foundation chick is back!

We’ve all seen the viral video of Swedish YouTube vlogger Jeely who famously applied 100 layers of foundation, right? Well she’s back with a new product this time: face masks.

‘Whyyy?’ you ask. ‘Why? Why? Why?’

Well, the comments she received on that initial video like ‘her pores are about to commit suicide’ and ‘I broke out just watching this’ needed to be acknowledged, so that’s why.

“People have been complaining that I will get breakouts and pimples from all the foundation so I decided to do something to prevent that from happening,” she wrote to her fans.

There’s no way that 100 layers of face masks is the secret to flawless skin, but we’ve got to give it to Jeely that her video is very funny and gave us 6 minutes of positively amusing entertainment.

She’s dedicated, that’s for sure!

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