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Yes, pink noise is a thing – and it will help you sleep so much better

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Pink noise is on the rise.

The colour pink has dominated the fashion scene recently with an influx of baby pink street style outfits seen everywhere. Now the colour is taking over the science world with research confirming that pink noise is a very helpful thing. And why, you might ask?

Not only is pink noise the most “millennial” of sounds—which makes it a guaranteed win in our books—but according to Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, the noise is highly beneficial for your sleeping habits.

The published study found that pink noise made its participants feel more rested than those whose sleep patterns did not involve listening to pink noise. Also, their performance in memory and cognitive tests was three times better than their counterparts.

Key to the success of pink noise is that fact that it has a much lower frequency than white noise, making it a more effective sleep tool. Think deeper and more restful, the sound gets its name from the pink light that appears at the same frequency. And it operates as a background noise that emits an equal level of energy per octave and is considered non-intrusive. It will upgrade the overall quality of your nights’ sleep as well as help you fall asleep faster and easier.

Like most of us, you’re probably struggling to get that eight hours of recommended sleep at the best of times. And that’s even before you add into the equation your late night Instagram-scrolling and Netflix-binging habits – so this new report is good news indeed!

And if you’re looking for where to find pink noise, either search YouTube for channels like the one below or download the Pink Noise on the App Store.

Words: Ella Francis.
Photos: Getty Images.

Listen to pink noise:

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