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wine handbag

You can secretly drink rosé all day thanks to this ah-mazing wine handbag

Bella Vita PortoVino wine handbag

The epitome of drinking on-the-go

There’s something to be said about BYO but we’ve stumbled upon something even better; if having your fave wine close to hand is important, then this wine handbag is the perfect accessory for you.

It’s a tote with total purpose!

Not only does it look like a well-designed bag, there’s nothing maj about it that screams, “I’m carting around all my own booze!” – a very important point for when you’re stashing and concealing alcohol. Even if it does feel a little rebellious…

Okay, so there is a flap you have flip up when you want to have a glass or bottle, but it’s pretty well hidden. You’d hardly know it was there!

secret flap on booze bag

The design company behind the wine handbag, Bella Vita say PortoVino totes can hold up to two bottles of wine which can be poured into a refillable pouch and stored in a zippered, insulated pocket within the bag.

The bags retail for around $100, too. Did someone just say rosé all day?!

Photos: Supplied


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