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Women have way better intuition than men, study says

TBH, we’re not shocked.

We’ve all been there, asking our BF why he doesn’t understand, or getting frustrated at him when he asks, “What’s wrong?” only to have the classic, “Nothing, I’m fine,” reply. So, he goes along with it, smiles and says, “Okay, babe,” even though you’re clearly sulking over something he did.
As a result, you sit there asking yourself “Why doesn’t he get how I’m feeling RN? Isn’t it obvious that I’m not OK?!” Sound familiar? Oh yeah, girl. It sure is.
Well, lucky for those boyfriends who face these realities, science is essentially getting them off the hook with a newly released study by Cambridge University which proves that women’s intuition is actually a thing and that we’re way better at understanding emotions than men.
Katrina Grasby, from QIMR Berghofer, a haven of medical research, stated that in a test among 90,000 people, when it came to determining people’s moods, women were consistent in outperforming men in their results.
The test lay in the simple showing of photographs of people’s eyes and from those photographs, the individual tested had to draw relevant conclusions to the emotions surrounding their body language.
“Using this technique, we can get a measure on how those people accurately perceive the emotion,” she stated.
With results not quite giving us full clarity about why women are better in this area, for the time being, we’ll just have to take the win for what it is.
BRB, adding emotional intelligence to the long list of things we outshine our fellow males at.

Words: Maxine Fourie
Image: Getty Images


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