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What you’ll find in Miss FQ’s launch issue

A magazine for millennials, by millennials
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Narcissistic, entitled and self-absorbed are just some of the criticisms commonly levelled at millennials. Supposedly we expect everything to come to us on a silver platter. Miss FQ associate editors Phoebe Watt and Skye Ross want to change that mentality…

Phoebe: As millennials ourselves, putting together the launch issue of Miss FQ and collaborating with and profiling so many incredible girlbosses has only reinforced to us how hard we as a generation hustle. Although perhaps it’s all the hustling that rubs people up the wrong way.

Skye: And that hustling often comes in the way of social media.

P: One of our Digital Divas (page 50), Emily Shorvon, probably explained it best in saying that we came of age during the Global Financial Crisis, which means a volatile job market is the only one we’ve ever known. It might look like we are self-obsessed in being so selfie-obsessed, but we are doing what we have to do to survive, and that means utilising social media to build and leverage our personal brands. It’s not about the 9-to-5 anymore, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t working hard.

S: Right. Like it or not, the poster girls for ‘the new 9-to-5’ are Kendall and Kylie Jenner. I get so riled up when people say they are ‘just famous for being famous’ and they’ve ‘never worked a day in their lives’. Sorry but all you have to do is watch one episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians to see that they never stop working.

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P: As we learn in our Haters Gonna Hate feature (page 80), people often criticise what they don’t understand.

S: Totally! Utilising social media to make money is a novel way of succeeding, but it’s totes legit. Just ask blogger Leah Naomi (Wanderlust Worthy, page 36), who has turned her love of travel into a viable career.

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P: Of course with new social media platforms and developments emerging seemingly every other week, the rules of engagement are changing rapidly (Hashtag How To, page 86), but used correctly, it’s the greatest resource we have as a generation. Not to mention it’s the reason we are, IMO, more accepting of other people’s ethnic, religious, gender and sexual identities than previous generations. It comes down to exposure.

S: The other thing that people tend to overlook is that for all our perceived selfishness, we are the most civic-minded and community oriented generation in recent times. And that’s precisely because the internet has given us a far greater grasp of the issues that we face, which, in turn, compels us to do something about them. Look at someone like Anna Lee (Millennials on the Move, page 57). She’s just an everyday woman like you or I who has seen something happening in the world that she doesn’t like, and instead of just talking about it, she’s rolling up her sleeves and effecting change.

P: And how is she doing it? Through social media. It’s the essential tool that has given us unprecedented, unlimited potential to problem solve.

S: So what do we want to say to our readers?

P: Well, the women in this magazine are your leaders and influencers. Each of them embodies what it means to be a strong, independent woman and they inspire us to do what we love. We hope they do the same for you.

S: So Phoebe, who do you consider the ultimate symbol of our time?

P: Everyone featured in Miss FQ has to be, in our eyes, the ultimate symbol of our time. But today we’re saying our cover girl Gigi Hadid (Tommy’s Girl, page 34). Our next issue? IDK! Stay tuned for May 2017 when the second issue goes on sale!

S: Or better yet, let us know! Email us, write us a comment, slide into our DMs. We want to hear from you. Until then, happy reading!


Miss FQ magazine is on sale November 28 2016 for $9.90 and is available where all good magazines are sold. Fashion retailer RUBY will also be stocking this issue while stocks last, so get in quick!


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