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Your ultimate guide to a no-fuss self-love weekend

Isn’t it about time for a weekend full of self-love, laziness and ultimate relaxation?

With our diaries full of never-ending tasks to do combined with the struggle of trying to fit in exercising and maintain a social life, the harsh reality of 0% downtime sometimes means the doctor did just order a weekend in, full of me-time.
When you’re out of energy to hit up the clubs and you want to, well, just do you, we have got the answers to your hunger pains, your stress from the working week and of course, avoiding that level ten boredom from the comfort of your own home.


The obvious go-to. There’s a tonne of goodness on Netflix right now to binge on accompanied by a naughty snack and we have compiled a list of everything that’s worth digging into from the addictive series Blacklist, to the fangirl fave Magic Mike, to docos that illustrate the compelling horror that surrounds Nazi Germany and WW2 (you’re welcome, history nerds!)


  • Gilmore Girls: What a classic.
  • Black Mirror: A mix of sci-fi and drama and the most thought-provoking series you’ll ever come across.
  • Skins: A favourite from our teenage years.
  • Orphan Black: DRAMA.
  • Pretty Little Liars: Did someone say girl time?
  • Love: Incredibly quirky humour and a love story like no other.
  • Blacklist: Nothing is quite as addictive. If you love CSI you need to watch this!
  • Gossip Girl: Marathon please!


  • 21 and Over: Your classic American college-kid-goes-wild scenario.
  • The Sweetest Thing: Another one perfect for girl time.
  • This Is The End: Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and James Franco. Enough said.
  • The Boy In The Striped Pajamas: Emotional and educational, it’s important to remember Germany’s dark past.
  • Zodiac: Jake Gyllenhaal is a babe and a good crime thriller is always a good idea.
  • Magic Mike XXL: For obvious reasons.
  • Scream: The classic horror. It never gets old!
  • Scary Movie: If you prefer the comedic version of the above, ya scaredy cat.


    • Our Planet: Who doesn’t love a night in with David Attenborough?
    • Occult Crimes: Horrific yet so insightful. Murderers fuelled by their mental health struggles.
    • Cowspiracy: If you’re wondering what all of those vegans are on about!
    • The Secret: This will change your life.
    • The Ivory Game: It’s a serious issue, ivory poaching and the mistreatment of Elephants. Cue tears!
    • Extraterrestrial: Loves an alien conspiracy.
    • Iris: A leading lady in fashion, 93 years old and in her absolute prime. For more fashion, check out our list of fashion documentaries every fashion-lover should watch at least once.
    • What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy: Another insightful WW2 themed documentary.

Uber Eats

Stormy convenience at its finest, Uber Eats is literally the answer to our hunger prayers. Whether there’s nothing at home to make for lunch or you can’t be bothered making dinner, Uber Eats has everyone sussed whether you’re craving burgers, sushi or fried chicken. With so many options to choose from, there’s no excuse to be hungry.
Here are a few of our faves:





Pamper yourself

Mask Off
After a mask that actually works? Our answer is Kiehl’s. Our favourites include the Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Mask which is perfect to nourish dry winter skin on a miserable day and the Cilantro and Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Mask has got you covered when it comes to renewing your skin from environmental nasties! Other Miss FQ faves include the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask for the ultimate luxurious hydration boost, Frank Body’s Glow Mask to brighten up a dark day and the GlamGlow Super Mud Treatment to sort out any naughty blemishes that weren’t invited to your pamper evening.
Take a bath
What better excuse to soak up then torrential rain? All we can think about right now is the perfect Lush bath bomb for the occasion. We recommend Sex Bomb, Intergalactic, Black Berry and Lord of Misrule.
DIY Nails
Sometimes it’s actually nicer to ditch the salon, save a bit of money and do your own nails in the cosy comfort of your home. Who needs to spend $50 on a shellac manicure when Le Mini Macaron is the new girl on the block in the nail world and for a stormy night in, she’s your best friend. There’s a colour for every personality and with the help of a to-die-for super cute LED macaron, you can nail your own gel manicure every three weeks and only spend $70.

Get your bake on

Lift everyone’s spirits up by filling the flat with the smell of a freshly baked cake. Try baking something new or experiment with different flavours, vegan ingredients and make a day of it! If you aren’t a whizz with the art of measuring, grab one of The Caker’s pre made mixes to appear like the Nigella Lawson you wish that you were!

Clear out your closet

The feeling of a fresh, clean and organised wardrobe is priceless. Spend your free time decluttering and fill up a bag to re-sell or give away to charity – it’ll make ya feel good!

Update your Spotify playlists

Sick of the same saved playlist that plays over and over again on your way to and home from work? Spend an hour or two discovering new beats to play in the background of your fabulous life.

Start a new book or podcast

There’s nothing like curling up in the corner of your couch with a fresh cup of Nespresso and a Glasshouse Candle flickering with a brand new book to dive into. The trickiest part can be finding the right one, so here’s a list of what’s on our reading radar right now!

The current podcasts we’re eagerly listening to are:

Online shop

Finally, when all else is completed, turn to the comfort of your dream checkout list, because sometimes we just have to treat ourselves.

Words: Ash Owens
Photos: Instagram, Pinterest


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