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3 new ways to wear a classic white shirt

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Did someone say ‘classic dressing’? Been there, done that, bought the linen shirt!

It’s time to cut ties with normal and instead wear your year-round staple in some not-so-typical ways.


Alexis Mabille

Bust a move
You’ll need 1 x T-shirt and 1 x shirt
1. Put on your fresh, well-fitting T-shirt.
2. Throw boring out the window by buttoning your favourite oversized shirt up over your bust, without putting your arms through the sleeves. The top button must do up above your chest – think the 2000’s boob tube trend without the risk of a nip slip. Wear a padded bra if it feels a little loose.
3. Tie sleeves in a bow beneath your bust. Or cross sleeves at the front, under your bust, taking them behind your back to knot the cuffs.


Milan street style

Wang gang
Feeling hot and bothered? Do like the 2014 Alexander Wang obsessives by leaving all but the top collar of your shirt unbuttoned for a super sexy, undone option. Best paired with high-waisted jeans, we recommend wearing a bustier or crop top underneath, for obvious reasons.


Céline, Céline, New York street style

Watch me whip
Aussie blogger Sara Donaldson of Harper and Harley said good watches should always be seen, “so over the sleeves they go”. We tend to agree. Not only great for ensuring you aren’t late for an important date, timepieces are a fabulous reflection of personal style.

S61. Seed Heritage shirt, $109.90. 2. Witchery top, $159.90. 3. Twenty-Seven Names shirt, $270. 4. Ruby shirt, $169. 5. Levi’s shirt, $99.90

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This article was first published in the launch issue of Miss FQ magazine.
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