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These are officially the top 10 beauty influencers worldwide

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It’s less about followers and more about likes, according to American tech company Zefr who have released their official list of the top beauty influencers across the globe.

Their study analysed engagment data like how many likes, comments and shares influencers gained over an entire year, and unsurprisingly it was Zoe Sugg, or Zoella as her loyal fans know her as, who came out on top.

Kiwi vlogger Shaaanxo was also up there, coming in at fourth place after the Demartino twins, Niki and Gabriella and Jaclyn Hill.

Beauty lovers, these are your top 10 global influencers…

1. Zoella

A photo posted by Zoella (@zoella) on

2. Niki and Gabi

A photo posted by Niki and Gabi (@niki_and_gabi) on

3. Jaclyn Hill

A photo posted by J A C L Y N (@jaclynhill) on

4. Shaaanxo

A photo posted by Shannon #shaaanxo (@shaaanxo) on

5. Carli Bybel

A photo posted by Carli Bybel (@carlibel) on

6. Nicole Guerriero

7. Ingrid Nilsen

A photo posted by Ingrid Nilsen (@ingridnilsen) on

8. Jenn Im

9. Amber Clark

10. Maddi Bragg

A photo posted by maddi bragg (@maddibragg) on


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