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Life hack: your best nude lip colour is actually the same shade as your nipples

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Weird, right?

If you’re like us, the way you test a lippy out is by swatching it on the back of your hand, no? Well apparently that’s not the way you should do it. If you’re after the perfect nude, then this colour-matching tip could be the one for you.

First off we have to warn you, it’s kind of weird, but hear us out…

Apparently, finding the colour that suits you best is close as your bra – well, it’s actually inside it.

The concept goes, you can find the perfect nude by colour matching to your nipple. Yes, really! While it’s one we defo haven’t heard before, it was recently discussed on US show The Doctors so it must be legit. Check out the video, above, if you don’t believe us.

“We have a way to pick the best shade for your face, what you want to do… ” the doc says while her peers down his shirt. “You want to match your nipple colour.”

Then comes the tough questions: are you dusty rose, more of a blushing pink, or even a sultry soft cinnamon? Okay, soz… we’re going a bit too far here, but you get the drift 😂

Watch the video above to decide if you’re down for the whipping out the nip trick to pick your perfect pink!

Photo: Instagram


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