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This is how much you’ll spend on beauty products in your lifetime

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Beauty don’t come cheap

Splurging on beauty products has got to be one of life’s true pleasures, and we’re the first to admit splashing the cash on our latest faves brings us a whole lotta joy.

But as with anything, all those small(ish) purchases add up over time, and you may well be surprised at the amount you could spend over the course of your life.

In fact, the British have done a little research into the matter and found women spend £21,420 ($38,477 NZD) on beauty products in a lifetime, which breaks down to an average of £306 ($549 NZD) per year.

Before you freak out, it’s worth remembering this only applies if you’re the sort of person who chucks a product by its beauty sell-by date – and sticks to the low-to-mid priced end of the cosmetics spectrum.

The survey breaks down the overall lifetime expense based yearly product replacement. So, if you buy a new mascara every four to six months, the cost comes out at £3,150 ($5654 NZD) over the course of your makeup wearing life.

A lifetime supply of concealer was averaged out at £2,240 ($4020 NZD) with a quarterly replacement of foundation coming in at £4,200 ($7538 NZD).

Strangely the survey massively underestimates lippy purchases, calculating the cost at just £10 a year! With the NZ conversion, that means we’re only spending close to $20 per year on lipsticks. Surely that can’t be right… but we’ll take it! Especially if the bank’s calling 😂

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