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OMG Ew! Beyoncé kept performing after she tore her earlobe

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Further proof that Queen Bey is a badass goddess sent as an example for us all to aspire to!

After ripping her earlobe when her over-sized earring got caught up in her dance moves, Beyoncé carried on with her Fifty Shades of Grey song “Haunted” without so much as flinching.

Neither her vocals nor her dance moves suffered, proving to us yet again that Beyoncé is an amazing super human too good for this world.

Excuse us while we get punny for a moment but may we say that we will be forever “haunted” by this nauseating ordeal? Let’s be real, it probably won’t stop us wearing the biggest earrings we can possibly find, but it’s super OUCH nonetheless!

The sore situation took place during TIDAL’s latest charity concert, TIDAL X: 1015 in Brooklyn, New York. The charity declares itself to be “New York’s largest poverty-fighting organization” so at least Beyoncé’s sacrifice went to a great cause.

The Beyhive got a little crazy with this one though. Don’t scroll down if you are squeamish…

Chill out, it is a fake ear, but still! Wow.

Don’t worry everyone, Beyoncé is clearly a trooper. We have no doubt she will be fine.


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