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Kylie Jenner has finally addressed those butt implant rumours

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True or false? Revealed…

Do you think that momager Kris Jenner would really let her youngest daughter Kylie get butt implants or a cheek and jaw reconstruction at 16? HECK NO!

To put all of the crazy internet rumours about her at bay, Kylie has taken to her website to tell her fans once and for all that she has “no ass implants.”

“I told everyone, I was like ‘I’m 120.’ I was like 16, I was riding on my little my G-Wagon, I was really skinny,” she reveals in the vid. “Now I’m pushing like 136 but it’s allright. I like my chunkiness.”

Her top tip for loving the skin you’re in? Always know your angles.

“I don’t really think I have, like, the fattest ass?” she says. “But I know my angles.”

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On the topic of plastic surgery, Kylie also noted that she has thought about breast implants but “why ruin it? I have really good boobs naturally and they’re a cute size. I’m not against it but right now it’s a no for me.”

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It’s a no to a nose job too: “I’ve always had a cute nose,” Kylie says. “I’ve really always liked my nose.”

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Fair enough! People really should mind their own business anyway.

Watch Kylie respond to some of the crazy plastic surgery rumours in the video above.


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