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3 easy ways to counter wardrobe boredom

If you've found yourself turning your nose up at your closet because you have nothing to wear, you're not alone.


If you’ve found yourself turning your nose up at your closet because you have nothing to wear, you’re not alone.

Whether your wardrobe is filled with remorse-inducing purchases, jeans that are two sizes too small or too big, designer labels to boot and hand-me-downs you’ve never wanted to part with, it’s fair to say that most of us can struggle with being completely at one and satisfied with our wardrobes.

What we wear can change our mood and the whole way that we feel about ourselves. So a wardrobe that inspires and excites us is key. Happy wardrobe, happy mind… Or something like that.

Without going on a complete shopping bender and blowing two weeks’ worth of rent in one day trying to revamp it, here are 3 ways to fall in love with the wardrobe you already have and cure wardrobe boredom:

Evaluate what to keep and what to toss:

Whether you have an extra room for closet space or have a standard size wardrobe, there is no doubt there are some pieces deep down inside your closet that have been forgotten.

By sifting through and pulling out the pieces that you know you 100% won’t wear again – whether they don’t fit, you’ve grown out of them, or they spark absolutely no joy (hey there Marie Kondo), you can eliminate the ‘time wasters’ that are holding back your progress in making your closet work for you.

Donate them to your local charity or pop them up online for re-sale. Either way, someone will enjoy them more than you do and you’ll have room to breathe, evaluate what you do love, and figure out how to make those items work harder for you.

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Whatever you’re wearing, whether it’s casual, corporate or formal, adding an accessory is a simple way to make your outfit just a little bit more special. And in the process, you’ll revive your existing clothes and cure wardrobe boredom.

Upping the ante with a chic belt, cute pair of earrings, hair accessory or handbag is one of the simplest ways to take an outfit from drab to fab.

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it can make what your wearing look more expensive than it actually is (and can help you feel confident with your look in no time).

Get social

Rather than being filled with buyers remorse yet again – and going on a blow-out for new items to try and compensate for your down-in-the-dumps-‘drobe, get online and use social media to your advantage.

After completing the toss and keep stage, you should have the general jist of the things you love as well as the key staples you can’t live without – this is your inventory to use and get creative with.

Have you got a LBD that you’ve worn one too many times and think you’re over? Head to Pinterest or Instagram and check out literally millions of ideas for how other people style theirs.

Use fashion bloggers, YouTube and the internet to your advantage, because more often than not, someone’s posted about how to make a piece work for them, which will no doubt work for you, too.

Really explore your options before splurging on new items and be creative in how you re-work and style what you have. Besides, who doesn’t love playing dress up?

Here are a few ways to re-style some key staples we’ve done for you already:

Words: Maxine Fourie
Photos: Getty Images


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