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It’s official, children inherit their intelligence from their mothers

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Mum’s done it again.

When you next catch up with mum, be sure to say thank you as she’s given you more than just beauty – you’ve acquired your brains from her too, a new study says.

That’s right, according to The Independent, children inherit their intelligence from their mothers, not their fathers.
It’s scientifically proven that intelligence is carried on the X chromosome, which women have two of and men only have one. Therefore, it means women are more likely to pass their smarts onto their kids opposed to their male other-halves.

Glasgow, Scotland-based researchers found this out by studying a whopping 12,686 people aged 14-22 every year since 1994, so it seems legit, right?
Well, that may be so, but mum’s not entirely responsible. Previously conducted research suggests that genetics isn’t the only factor that plays a part, only 40 to 60 percent of intelligence is hereditary, leaving the rest up to environmental factors.

Photos: Getty Images
Words: Skye Ross


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