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Evidence that Rihanna and Drake DID kiss on the lips

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You gotta see this!

UPDATE: Rihanna and Drake kissed on stage at her Miami performance last night & it was glorious

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We’re sick of the rumours surrounding our homeboy, you guys. We know you, and the rest of the internet, thought you saw Drake getting rejected by Rihanna at the MTV VMA 2016 awards… but that isn’t what happened. At. All.

In fact we’re pretty convinced that after his ‘I’ve been in love with her since I was 22’ confession that the superstar duo are going to run off into the sunset and have a wedding that’s bigger than Kimye’s and have more children, too.

They kissed on the mouth you guys, and we can prove it!

Here’s what you awkwardly thought you saw:

Here is the evidence that what actually happened was a quick lips-to-lips kiss:

Here’s some more evidence in case you’re not convinced yet:

All we want to know now is where was the proposal and when’s the wedding?


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