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Gigi Hadid party eyes tutorial

How-to: Gigi Hadid inspired party eyes tutorial

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Beauty vlogging babe and digital influencer Kate Manihera has teamed up with Miss FQ and Australis to bring you this Gigi Hadid party eyes tutorial.


  1. Create your perfect base with the Australis Matte Up foundation.
    Australis matte up foundation
  2. Sculpt out those killer cheekbones with the Australis AC On Tour Cream Contouring kit.
    Australis cream contour kit
  3. Set your base with the Australis Fresh and Flawless powder.
    Australis fresh & flawless powder
  4. Glitter, girl! Apply the Australis High Life Highlighting powder to the top of your cheekbones, bridge and top of your nose, and chin.
    Australis HighLife powder
  5. Complete your brow routine with the Australis Eyebrow pencil and Oh Hai Brow Shaping kit.
    Oh Hai brow australis
  6. Now for the eyes… Apply the Australis Metallix eyeshadow in Guns N Rose Petals all over your lid with your finger. Gently pat the product onto your eye.
    Australis Guns and Rose Petals Metallix
  7. Take the Australis Metallix eyeshadow in Gold Gaga on a small synthetic brush and apply to your inner tear duct. Bring it 1/3 of the way along your lower lash line.
    Australis Gold Gaga Metallix
  8. With the same brush apply the Australis Metallix eyeshadow in Plum Diddy from the outer corner of your eye along your lower lash line to meet Gold Gaga.
    Australis Plum Diddy Metallix
  9. Balance out the metallic by using the Australis Liquid eyeliner in Black along your upper lash line. Add a sexy, feline flick to accentuate your eyes and lashes.
    Australis Liquid eyeliner
  10. Finish with the Australis Killer Curves mascara in Black.
    Australis killer curves mascara
  11. Australis Luxe Lips in the shade Eye-Full-Tower is a great addition to this Gigi-inspired look.
    Australis luxe lips

If you loved this tutorial you can see more from Kate Manihera by following her on YouTube and Instagram.


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