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Kendall Jenner brow tutorial

How-to: Kendall Jenner inspired brow tutorial

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Beauty vlogging babe and digital influencer Kate Manihera has teamed up with Miss FQ and Australis to bring you this Kendall Jenner brow tutorial.


  1. Begin by creating the perfect base with the Australis Oh2Glow Foundation.
    Australis oh2glow foundation
  2. Set your foundation with the Australis Fresh and Flawless Pressed powder.
    Australis fresh & flawless powder
  3. Blush like you mean it with the Australis Show Some Cheek blush in Fame. Swirl your brush around the product, tap off the excess and apply a small amount to the apples of your cheeks.
    Australis Show Some Cheek blush
  4. Now for the brows. Start off with the Australis Brow pencil to outline the shape of your brows so you have a clean guideline for where to fill in with the wax and powder.
    Australis Eyebrow pencil blonde
  5. Take the Australis Oh Hai Brow Shaping kit and using the brown wax fill in the outer edge of your brow, slightly extending the tail of your brow.
    Oh Hai brow australis
  6. Now for the inner part of your brow. Without putting any more product on to your brush draw a faint line underneath your eyebrow.
  7. Sweep the product upwards in a feather-like motion to create a full, yet clean eyebrow.
  8. Take the lightest shade in the brow kit and highlight your brow bone.
  9. Use the same shade to brighten the inner corner of your eye, if you wish.
  10. Apply the Australis Colour Inject lipstick in the colour folk to complete the look.
    Australis colour inject lipstick folk
  11. To finish, set your face with the Australis Make-Up Finishing Spritz.
    Australis makeup finishing spritz

If you loved this tutorial you can see more from Kate Manihera by following her on YouTube and Instagram.


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