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We Are Handsome on their summer collaboration with Havaianas

Why did you decide to partner with Havaianas?

We’ve been courting each other for a few years, knowing how aligned we are as brands and our ethos’ – it just needed the right time and we would get this collaboration happening. We love what Havaianas stands for and their commitment to quality and summer. It’s a perfect match with us.

What does Havaianas mean to you as a brand?

Summer. It’s as simple as that.

What’s the reason behind choosing the Dalliance and Xerxes print for the collaboration style?

We wanted to a) do something that hadn’t been seen before and b) something that was both quintessentially summer and We Are Handsome. The jungle print, Dalliance is a take on many of our jungle prints over the years and the Xerxes, our ero lion is, of course, what we do best. It’s makes complete sense that these two iconic styles went onto our Havaianas.

How has your brand changed over the past seven years?

We’ve evolved, sure – as any brand does but we’ve always stayed true to our aesthetic and roots. We’ve changed a lot in our business, how we design and even what we make, but our mantra is always the same.

Where to next for We Are Handsome? How do you see the brand evolving?

We’re growing our categories into new things that interest us and make sense for the brand. We’re aiming high and would love some of our own stores with a huge variety of products.

What’s your favourite memory as a designer – what’s the most amazing place your work has taken you to?

The Maldives, hands down. We’ve been so lucky enough to have been twice in the past few years. And for work! Who does that?!! We travel a lot but the Maldives is like a dream, every inch and every second. It’s almost unbelievable.

Where do you find inspiration from in designing your swimwear and active wear collections?

Our travels are really what inspires us most. Exploring new cultures and getting re-acquainted with those we know, seeing the worlds most breathtaking sites – we’re constantly inspired to create and try new things.

What are 3 words that describe summer in Australia for you?

Beach, swimming and yes, clichéd but Havaianas.

What are your strongest memories of summer in Australia?

Always those beach moments when you have the place to yourself, just us and the ocean. The holiday makers and families have long gone home and a peacefulness descends upon the beach – we always enjoy those moments the most.

What are your must-have travel essentials for a Summer getaway?

Several choices of swimwear, sunglasses, that grandma strap so the sunnies don’t fall off – lame but so worth it, sunscreen, Havaianas, and a portable speaker.

What’s your favourite beach in Australia?

Jervis Bay, hands down. There’s so rarely anyone there, it’s pristine all year around, and goes on and on.

What’s your favourite beach in the world?

Not a beach per-se, but we shot a campaign on a sandbar in the middle of the Indian ocean once. Nothing as far as the eye could see – no land, no boats, no anything. Very surreal.

Describe your perfect summer’s day…

Wake, brunch in the sun, beach, fish and chips, beach nap, ice-cream, drinks with friends, done.


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